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King Euron Greyjoy

The ruthless and enigmatic pirate king Euron, aboard his ship- 'Silence'.

I like this one. The main reason for its existence is me wanting to draw- ('The Winds of Winter' Spoiler) -Euron's armour, apparently made from Valyrian Steel scales.

80% of the time on this piece was spent figuring out a suitable look for the armour that matched the description given in the Forsaken sample Chapter. The scales were a huge problem. Too small and they looked like fish scales. Too large and they looked like bird feathers. Too round and they looked incredibly non-threatening. Too pointy and they looked like ridiculous, overly-fantastical dragon scales.

Finally I settled on a more historical hexagonal look. Which looked imposing, practical and gave me enough room to fill in the finer details mentioned on the scales. Probably my only issue with this one would be the way Euron is standing, which looks a bit awkward. This took about 30 - 35ish hours. Completed on the 22nd of October 2016

Mike hallstein king euron greyjoy by mike hallstein dalyaf1
Mike hallstein img 2349

Earlier version featuring a crownless Euron alongside a flag displaying his personal coat of arms.

Mike hallstein euro copyk