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Bittersteel at the Red Grass Field

Aegor Rivers, one of several 'Great Bastards' of King Aegon the Unworthy, stands seething after his defeat at the hands of his brother Brynden.

This probably remains my favourite piece of mine to date. I think due to the colour scheme and simple effectiveness of the background.
Another reason this piece may have turned out so well could be the fact that I was forced to draw the bloody thing twice due to a hard drive failure. The second attempt took around 30 hours. Completed on the 30th of May 2016

Mike hallstein bittersteel at the red grass field by mike hallstein da4esnm

I decided to crop out the sides of the image as I didn't want to shatter the idea that this is supposed to be a battlefield. Since I wasn't feeling ambitious enough to add all those details, I attempted to draw more attention to Aegor.

Mike hallstein img 2024

An earlier less saturated version of the piece. Showing slightly more of the field.

Mike hallstein kk